The NGO “Center for Regional Cooperation “Dialogue” (hereinafter – “Organization”) is a voluntary association of the natural persons, which is created in order to realize and protect human and civil rights and freedoms, satisfy public, in particular, economic, social, cultural, educational and other interests of its members and/or other persons.
Within its activity, the Organization is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Tax Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine on “Public Associations”, the Law of Ukraine on “State Registration of Legal Entities, Natural Persons – Entrepreneurs and Public Associations”, other valid legislation of Ukraine and these Statutes.

The legal framework of the Organization activity is also regulatory documents and universal decision that are taken by the Organization within its statutory powers and mandatory for all members.

The Organization is a nonprofit organization which main aim is not to make a profit. The Organization is free to choose its directions of activity, and acts on the basis of voluntariness, self-management, a free choice of the activity area, equality before the law, absence of property interest among members (participants), transparency, openness, and publicity.
The Organization is created and acts on the basis of voluntariness, equality among its members, self-governance, legality, election and accountability of governing bodies, publicity in work.

The Organization acquires the status of a legal entity from the date of its state registration according to the valid legislation, has its seal, stamp, letter headed papers with its own name, bank accounts including foreign currency accounts, its own symbols. The Organization symbols are registered in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation.

On behalf of its name, the Organization has rights to enter into agreements, acquire property and non-property rights, bear obligations, be a plaintiff and a defendant in court, own funds and other property, open bank accounts in national and foreign currency.

Activity of the community organization extends throughout the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

The legal form: a community organization. In accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation, the Organization has rights to have employees in its personnel, to use hired labor by concluding independent contractor agreement, labor agreements and employment agreements. Relations with employees are regulated within the valid legislation of Ukraine on labor, social security, and social protection.